Gmail Useful Tips And Tricks 

As we know Gmail is the part of our life; almost everyone use gmail; so why should we not know some interesting fact about gmail.


There is some useful tips and tricks for gmail user 

1.Undo Send mail in 5 To 30 Second on Gmail

Yes if You use Gmail for send mail you can set 5 to 30 second time for undo send mail it is very useful feature of gmail because some time we can mistake and send mail to wrong person or made some other mistake in gmail time of sending mail so this gmail feature can our help...

1. First Login Gmail Account

2. click Right side Settings Icon


2. Go To Next Settings


In General Tab You Can See Option Undo Send and Set Period For cancellation Mail on gmail...

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2.Change background Of Gmail Tab Set Your Photo Or Theme
That is So awesome Because If You have email Marketing Work And Open Gmail To Many Time So You Are feel bored To See This Again And Again But this Gmail Feature Make Your Gmail Tab Interesting and Beautiful And You Can Put Your Self Image Or can choose and Apply themes


So login Your Gmail Account click setting Icon (Above Gmail Tab) See More Option and Click On Themes And You can Select Your Image Or Can Set Themes as your choice ....

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3.find contact In Gmail Or Use Gmail Account Save for Your phone Contacts
May Be You Know Or Not But it Is Great And Helpful Gmail Feature, you can Save Your contact easily In gmail Account And Use them just login And Use Your Gmail contact anywhere, anytime And Any Mobile Phones...

So If You want Save Contact in Your gmail Account You need Login it Your Phone and then you can save or import all Contact in gmail 


So After You want to see All gmail contact Online anytime anywhere Login Your Gmail Account On Browser And Go To Gmail Product See click on Contact...(See As Above Image)

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4.Recover Delete Mail Till 30 day.

do You Delete Accidentally  some important mail on gmail if you do it don't worry;
often time when We open gmail Account and see Many email We Want try to delete  But Some time we Loss Some valuable Mail because we mistakenly delete important mail

You can easily Recover All Delete gmail Till under 30 day from when you delete an mail; Google Never Permanently Delete  email before 30 day 

so if you delete your important mail Login Your gmail account and go to trash, google Save Your delete mail in This box after delete..

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5. Set Auto Replay  On gmail 
This Is Very helpful Feature of Gmail it is called vacation responder; google Provide This Feature To Gmail User when You can't check email or replay so you can set automated reply for incoming mail 



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