Top Google chrome Extensions

Some Helpful Google Extension

some  Google extensions who can make easy your work 
and lot of help you ; know about some google extension and try them for your self 

if you want use google extension you need open google chrome web store and then you can find all extension 

Google Chrome Extension

1.Ad blocker : Remove all Type ad from all web page, block popup advertisement and ad show anywhere you can use ad blocker 

Go To Google Chrome store and type ad blocker in search box and choice extension according what type ad you want block.

Example see below image

Google Chrome Extension

2.Google input : if you want to write in hindi, some time we want to write in Hindi As want send msg in hindi write social status in hindi so this extension can help your..

Add this extension for typing in hindi

Google Chrome Extension

3.Screen shot : take an screen shot any part of web page 
you can easily capture any part of web page and can save them it is useful when you want store useful article and want share 

Google Chrome Extension

4.backstop : backstop end process of press backspace and go to previous page,backstop Reload your all previous page and save your lot of time..

Google Chrome Extension

5.Last pass : More secure your online passwords and store them one place, Last pass in the best password Manager 
Generate One Strong Password for your all account 

Google Chrome Extension


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