Microsoft Word Art

Microsoft word Art : use Microsoft word art and add some artistic flair in your word text: 

1.Open Microsoft Word 

2.Go To Insert Tube 

3.Click on above word art 

4.choose art whose you want 

Example 1 Below image 

Change Direction of text 

1.Click Above Text Box 

2.Go To Format 

3.Click Text Direction 

Example 1 Below image 

Change Align of Text

1.Click Above text box 

2.Click on Format 

3.Click Align Text

4.Change in top, middle,bottom 

Example 1 Below image 

Create/ Draw Text Box 

1.Go To insert 

2.Click on Text Box 

3.See Draw Text Box 

4. Create Text box 

Example As below 


Question About HTML CSS


Q1.What Is Stand of HTML CSS??
HTML -HyperText  Markup Language 
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

Q2.How Write HTML??
By Tags Example <html>, <head>, <div>

Q3.How Write Css??
By class, Id, Tag  Example


.Border {

And tag Example 

Q4.How Connect HTML CSS??
By Link Example <link href="Name of css file" rel="stylesheet">

Q5 Type of Css??
Internal Css'

External Css

Inline Csss

Q6.What is Internal Css??

html and css  writed in both one file called internal css 

7.What is External Css??
css writed in separate file and connect with html called external css

Example css file 

Example html file

<link href="css file name" rel="stylesheet">
<div class="border"></div>

Q8.what is inline Css??
write css code with one html line called inline css.

Example of Inline css
<img src="put file path" width="100px"  height="200px">

Q9. How save html file??
save html file as example New.html

Q10.How save css file??
 save css file as New.css


Use HTML CSS javascript in Google blog

Learn How To use JavaScript, HTML And CSS In Google Blogs 

If you are using google blog than you must know about html css and javascript use in google blogs; it is useful because sometime 

we need to plugin facebook page or social icon or sometime edit post by using html css and need add other function by use html css, javascript..

what do you want Apply html/javascript or css??

Apply/use of html/Javascript in Google blogs

Google blog

1.First Login Your Google Blog 

3. Go To Theme And Apply html css javascript there 

4.Other way Go to layout and click on add gadget 

5. an popup window will be open

6. Add html/Javascript in this box 

Apply css in google blog 

Google blogs

1. Go to theme 

2.Go to customize 

3.Go to advance and add css 


Browser shortcut

Top  Browser keyword shortcut  for Internet use

we use different different type google browser in our desktop for surfing internet / brows internet  and mostly use mouse for that but if we know some shortcut key in  computer then it help a lot work fast and make easy..

so know some browser shortcut key and try your self when you work on your system and surfing internet/ brows internet 

1. Ctrl+D  
Use for Book Mark your current page

Take Print out of page.

Clear Your Browsing story 

Open files from computer .

5.Ctrl+1 To 8
Open next  current open tab.

Go To Last current open tab

7. Alt+ F4 
Close Your All Open tab 

8. Ctrl+shift+T 
Reopen Your all closed Tab 

Reload web Page 

10. F6 
Edit Address bar 

11. F11 
full Screen window 

Open New Tab 

Open New Window 

14. Ctrl+j 
See download window 

Type Only domain Name And Press This key For Full address


Top Google chrome Extensions

Some Helpful Google Extension

some  Google extensions who can make easy your work 
and lot of help you ; know about some google extension and try them for your self 

if you want use google extension you need open google chrome web store and then you can find all extension 

Google Chrome Extension

1.Ad blocker : Remove all Type ad from all web page, block popup advertisement and ad show anywhere you can use ad blocker 

Go To Google Chrome store and type ad blocker in search box and choice extension according what type ad you want block.

Example see below image

Google Chrome Extension

2.Google input : if you want to write in hindi, some time we want to write in Hindi As want send msg in hindi write social status in hindi so this extension can help your..

Add this extension for typing in hindi

Google Chrome Extension

3.Screen shot : take an screen shot any part of web page 
you can easily capture any part of web page and can save them it is useful when you want store useful article and want share 

Google Chrome Extension

4.backstop : backstop end process of press backspace and go to previous page,backstop Reload your all previous page and save your lot of time..

Google Chrome Extension

5.Last pass : More secure your online passwords and store them one place, Last pass in the best password Manager 
Generate One Strong Password for your all account 

Google Chrome Extension


virus & threat protection has stopped

Virus & threat Protection has stopped  

Solve Your Problems : some time virus & threat protection is closed automatically and when we try to Restart them or Refresh them it is not activate again.

virus & threat protection has stopped

if you face this problems follow simple step see example below

Type Regedit in Your Desktop Search bar and open them

virus & threat protection has stopped

After You open Regedit You can see Registry Editor and 

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender

Go To Local Machine and open registry file

virus & threat protection has stopped

click And open  software registry file

virus & threat protection has stopped

Go To Policies click on Microsoft 
virus & threat protection has stopped

Click Window Defender and you will see right side some registry numbers,encodes 

See Below example If  value is zero it is okk but if it is not zero do  change it in zero and save...
virus & threat protection has stopped

Check and Refresh your Virus & Threat Protection Now it is work again.....


computer security tips

Computer Security tips And Tricks

Latest computer tips 

The Time of think Most important how to Secure Our computer from other User and hackers Because we have lot of data save in computer and laptop so in this page we write some computer tips to you how to Secure our computer and data........

1.Lock computer Quickly 

It Is Very common but we must do it and we want tell you when you work on your desktop laptop and go to outside as break so you not need shout down, sign out ; In this computer Tips You Can Learn How To Quickly Lock computer Laptop..

computer Security

when You Go outside urgently From your System just Press Window+L And Lock Computer

2. Security and maintenance 
 Install Application and Run them on computer system sometime it is become Danger Because unknown App can Harm Our system And we can Loss our Valuable information, so if you want to Application Ask You Before install or run then This computer Security Tips is for you......

Just Follow simple Step 

(A).Type Msc in Search Box And Click On System configuration 

computer Security

(b).Go To Tool As You see Below Screen

computer Security

(c).Find Security And maintenance And Lunch them

computer Security

(d).Click on change User Account Control Setting And change Setting according To your choice And Get Notification when app Try To Make change on System...

computer Security

3. Turn On Window Firewall 
Window Firewall Protect Your Data And System From Internet Network It Means unauthorized Try To Access Your computer System By use internet or any Network.Then Window Firewall help To Protect Form them...

Turn on window Firewall Go To Control Panel And Find Window Defender Firewall

Window Firewall

Click and Open Window firewall Defender and Turn window Defender Firewall on off 


internet tips

Tips And Trick Using Internet 

Their Are Some useful Internet Tips For You I Hope This Internet Tips Helpful  And Make Fast and Easy Your Work On Internet....... 

internet Tips And Tricks

1.Book Mark Your Favorite Page

If you Are do Lot of Work On Internet so this internet tips Is very useful for You Because You can Bookmark Your Favorite  Or useful site for next time when you work again..

Internet Tips

2.Reopen closed Tab 

some Time When You work on internet and Open Multi tub for work Recently You close all Tab And Realize you Close important Tab So Don't Worry If You Do it..Just Press Some key and Bring Your Closed Tab again,Reopen Them 

internet Tips

Press Ctrl+shift+T And Reopen All Close Tab Again

3.Delete cookies From Browser

small bit of Data Save on Our Computer From An Website for Identity User and Their Activity So this Computer Tips Is Very Helpful For You, Because May Be Some Time When Your Browser Create Problems Then You need Clear history And Delete Cookies From Your Computer, Know How To Delete Cookies From Computer Browser 

(A).Go To History

(B).Clear Browsing History 
Then You see Some Option Select Cookies and Other site Data And clear them.

Internet Tips

You can Delete Individual Site cookies Data 
Right Click On Lock Or Not Secure Icon Then After click cookies And Remove Them From Your Computer....Done and close All

internet Tips

4.Add To Web page or website Shortcut on desktop

This internet Tips Is different From Bookmark, Now You Can also Add Your Favorite Web Page Or Website Direct On Your Desktop icon And Open Directly Without Open Browser..

Click on Right Site corner On Three Dot icon (Customize And Control Google Chrome)

click More Tools And Create Shortcut It Is Very Simple And Different From Bookmark...

internet Tips

More Computer Tips 

Computer Tipscomputer tipsComputer Tips


Shortcut key

Helpful computer Shortcut Key For All Desktop User 

Their Is List of some Latest And Useful Shortcut computer Key; Know this shortcut Key And Increase Your Work Speed On Your Computer,

Latest Computer shortcut Key

Computer Shortcut keys

Their Is some Useful Computer Key

Window + PrtSc 

This key is uses for take screen shot On Computer And Web Page

Window + I 

This computer key is uses For open setting of computer/ laptop 

window + L 

this computer key is uses for lock computer Quickly 

Alt + F4 

This computer Key is uses for close all browser tab

Ctrl + Shift + T 

this Computer key is uses for Reopen all Closed Tab on browser

Ctrl + T 

This Is Uses for Open New Tab on Browser

Ctrl + P 

This Is Uses for Take Print Out of document On computer

Alt + Enter 

Press this Shortcut key when You Type simple Web address name As and convert them Direct 

Ctrl + Alt + Delete 

this is Very Helpful computer key use this key when your computer hang and you can't do anything Press this key and you can shout down Restart your computer and Can Open Task bar for close application.

Alt + Tab  

This Key uses for Switch one To another all Open Programs on computer 

Ctrl + S 

This key Uses for Save Document Which You Work currently 

Find More Tips And Tricks

Computer Tipscomputer tips


useful computer tips

Latest computer Tips

Below you can see Some Most Helpful  Latest computer Tips,
if You Are Desktop Laptop User It Is very Useful Computer Tips for You And all Desktop User, know Some Computer Tips and become the master of desktop..

Computer Tips

Useful Computer Tips..

1.Know your Computer Details 
If Do You want Know All About details Of Your Computer Than You Not Need To Open Setting To Setting Just Follow Simple step 

Press Window+r And Type in box Msinfo32 

Computer Tips

 Now Press Enter And You Can See all Details Of Your Computer Included Hardware And Software 

computer Tips


Mostly People Know About This Key but 100% Desktop User Cannot Know About This Key, It Is Very Helpful Computer Tips For all Desktop User, 
Assume When You Work On Your System Than Suddenly Your system Hang But If You know Some Computer Tips You Can Solve Your Problems so Remember This Computer This Always 

When Your System Hang And You Can't Shout down or Restart Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete 

When you Run Multi Application On System And Can't Close Anyone Press This key Ctrl+Alt+Delete 

Computer tips

3.Task bar use 
someone may be do a lot of work on desktop and use unlimited, multi applications, browser tabs so after Finish work They tired and boring feel to close all application tabs one by one so if you don't want this situation you should use this computer tips 

 Right Click on toolbar And click Task manager 

Computer Tips

Open task Manager And See Your Open Application And Right Click Above Application and End Task 

Computer Tips

4.Remove Junk File And Rest Application Data

Junk File And old Application Data Is An Reason of Start Problems On Our System So This computer Tips can help your Remove junk file and Rest App data.. Rest Your app data Just Type in Search box %AppData%

computer Tips

Remove Your Junk file Just Type in Search box %Temp%

computer Tips

3.Take Screen shot Without App or Extension 
This Is Not An Amazing computer Tips But Most People don't Know About this Computer Tips And When They Want Screen Shot Of Their Web page  or computer Laptop Document Screen shot They Use Extension and App; but We not Need anything after know this computer tips...

Computer Tips

Yes You Just Simple Need Press Window+Prt Sc Key and You can take full Screen shot of your web page and documents...

More Latest Computer Tips And Tricks

Computer Tips Computer Tips Computer Tips