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Computer Security tips And Tricks

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The Time of think Most important how to Secure Our computer from other User and hackers Because we have lot of data save in computer and laptop so in this page we write some computer tips to you how to Secure our computer and data........

1.Lock computer Quickly 

It Is Very common but we must do it and we want tell you when you work on your desktop laptop and go to outside as break so you not need shout down, sign out ; In this computer Tips You Can Learn How To Quickly Lock computer Laptop..

computer Security

when You Go outside urgently From your System just Press Window+L And Lock Computer

2. Security and maintenance 
 Install Application and Run them on computer system sometime it is become Danger Because unknown App can Harm Our system And we can Loss our Valuable information, so if you want to Application Ask You Before install or run then This computer Security Tips is for you......

Just Follow simple Step 

(A).Type Msc in Search Box And Click On System configuration 

computer Security

(b).Go To Tool As You see Below Screen

computer Security

(c).Find Security And maintenance And Lunch them

computer Security

(d).Click on change User Account Control Setting And change Setting according To your choice And Get Notification when app Try To Make change on System...

computer Security

3. Turn On Window Firewall 
Window Firewall Protect Your Data And System From Internet Network It Means unauthorized Try To Access Your computer System By use internet or any Network.Then Window Firewall help To Protect Form them...

Turn on window Firewall Go To Control Panel And Find Window Defender Firewall

Window Firewall

Click and Open Window firewall Defender and Turn window Defender Firewall on off