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Below you can see Some Most Helpful  Latest computer Tips,
if You Are Desktop Laptop User It Is very Useful Computer Tips for You And all Desktop User, know Some Computer Tips and become the master of desktop..

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Useful Computer Tips..

1.Know your Computer Details 
If Do You want Know All About details Of Your Computer Than You Not Need To Open Setting To Setting Just Follow Simple step 

Press Window+r And Type in box Msinfo32 

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 Now Press Enter And You Can See all Details Of Your Computer Included Hardware And Software 

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Mostly People Know About This Key but 100% Desktop User Cannot Know About This Key, It Is Very Helpful Computer Tips For all Desktop User, 
Assume When You Work On Your System Than Suddenly Your system Hang But If You know Some Computer Tips You Can Solve Your Problems so Remember This Computer This Always 

When Your System Hang And You Can't Shout down or Restart Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete 

When you Run Multi Application On System And Can't Close Anyone Press This key Ctrl+Alt+Delete 

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3.Task bar use 
someone may be do a lot of work on desktop and use unlimited, multi applications, browser tabs so after Finish work They tired and boring feel to close all application tabs one by one so if you don't want this situation you should use this computer tips 

 Right Click on toolbar And click Task manager 

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Open task Manager And See Your Open Application And Right Click Above Application and End Task 

Computer Tips

4.Remove Junk File And Rest Application Data

Junk File And old Application Data Is An Reason of Start Problems On Our System So This computer Tips can help your Remove junk file and Rest App data.. Rest Your app data Just Type in Search box %AppData%

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Remove Your Junk file Just Type in Search box %Temp%

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3.Take Screen shot Without App or Extension 
This Is Not An Amazing computer Tips But Most People don't Know About this Computer Tips And When They Want Screen Shot Of Their Web page  or computer Laptop Document Screen shot They Use Extension and App; but We not Need anything after know this computer tips...

Computer Tips

Yes You Just Simple Need Press Window+Prt Sc Key and You can take full Screen shot of your web page and documents...

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