Shortcut key

Helpful computer Shortcut Key For All Desktop User 

Their Is List of some Latest And Useful Shortcut computer Key; Know this shortcut Key And Increase Your Work Speed On Your Computer,

Latest Computer shortcut Key

Computer Shortcut keys

Their Is some Useful Computer Key

Window + PrtSc 

This key is uses for take screen shot On Computer And Web Page

Window + I 

This computer key is uses For open setting of computer/ laptop 

window + L 

this computer key is uses for lock computer Quickly 

Alt + F4 

This computer Key is uses for close all browser tab

Ctrl + Shift + T 

this Computer key is uses for Reopen all Closed Tab on browser

Ctrl + T 

This Is Uses for Open New Tab on Browser

Ctrl + P 

This Is Uses for Take Print Out of document On computer

Alt + Enter 

Press this Shortcut key when You Type simple Web address name As and convert them Direct 

Ctrl + Alt + Delete 

this is Very Helpful computer key use this key when your computer hang and you can't do anything Press this key and you can shout down Restart your computer and Can Open Task bar for close application.

Alt + Tab  

This Key uses for Switch one To another all Open Programs on computer 

Ctrl + S 

This key Uses for Save Document Which You Work currently 

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