Browser shortcut

Top  Browser keyword shortcut  for Internet use

we use different different type google browser in our desktop for surfing internet / brows internet  and mostly use mouse for that but if we know some shortcut key in  computer then it help a lot work fast and make easy..

so know some browser shortcut key and try your self when you work on your system and surfing internet/ brows internet 

1. Ctrl+D  
Use for Book Mark your current page

Take Print out of page.

Clear Your Browsing story 

Open files from computer .

5.Ctrl+1 To 8
Open next  current open tab.

Go To Last current open tab

7. Alt+ F4 
Close Your All Open tab 

8. Ctrl+shift+T 
Reopen Your all closed Tab 

Reload web Page 

10. F6 
Edit Address bar 

11. F11 
full Screen window 

Open New Tab 

Open New Window 

14. Ctrl+j 
See download window 

Type Only domain Name And Press This key For Full address