Excel Sum If Formula

Use SUMIF Formula in Excel

If you want calculation of specific range amount or specific person record in excel then sumif is uses for that 

Learn how to use Sumif in excel sheet; Create some data as below and practice your self in excel 

An excel sheet of daily sale record 

Microsoft Excel

Now First we Take Example of Less than < calculation in excel
i want calculate all amount who is less than 50000 thousand 

Microsoft Excel
And it is our formula we apply 


And Get Result see above image 

Calculate Amount Greater Than > in excel 50000 Thousand 
now we calculate amount above 50000 thousand and use greater than sign for this

Microsoft Excel
And it is our formula we apply 


Try Excel SUMIF formula in yourself and see result 

Calculate Specific Product or sales person amount in excel

if you want calculate specific sales person or product amount then you need little change in your formulas 
see example how can we do it in excel 

Microsoft Excel
use formula as example
=SUMIF(A2:A5,"Product one",B2:B5)