html link

Learn About html Css link

in this page we will we learn how to link document, pages and to images from external source; it so easy Learn and understand it with example of link connect 

Link web address in web pages 

click below link and see example of  how to connect web source to pages 

Now we explain it 
a is the anchor tag it is uses when we want connect  link to other pages in website....

href is the attribute who present to source of link

Title /Link of text put any text or Title for your link

Example : <a href="Your link source">Text</a> 

2.Link image in web page

in web pages : link your image in your web pages for show your image 

we use <img> Tag and src="" Attribute for present our image or link images

<img src="image path.jpg/png">

3. Link Two document with Together 

Link two document as html css together; when we work html and css file we need link to css file in html so learn about document link properties...

connect css file in html file first copy css file path 

Exmple: <link href="css file path" rel="stylesheet">