Microsoft word chart

Type of Chart And Function In Microsoft word

chart in Microsoft word: You can use chart in Microsoft word for present numbering data; and you can use different different chart for according to Report

See different types chart options

Use chart in Microsoft word See example take an chart and use modify and change direction of chart

Take An chart example you can see new default chart below 

Feel Your Data in Excel sheet And than enter; now your data show in chart..

Modify your chart data ; click under of chart and then you will see some option bar in right side 

Layout options : change direction of your chart fixed them anywhere give space between multi charts; see example below..

chart element : put title, table data and other error show try it your self see below example

1.put chart title 2.table data 3.Error bar 

Design of chart : use chart design function of Microsoft word in chart see example of chart design

Select Data : Select data form chart and modify them see an example and try your self....

Edit Data : Edit your own data from chart,modify them and change 
see an example and try yourself 

Change type of chart : You can change your chart design and convert them in another design..See example of below image

Keep Practice and try yourself everything  in Microsoft word chart functions