Microsoft Excel Grade Formula

Microsoft Excel Grade Formulas 

Microsoft Excel Grade Formulas is uses for Give To Grade for low and high performance example if you decide create a category A,B,C based on marks so you should use excel grade formula

Excel grade formulas: Today we learn how to give grade in excel;
Before learn Excel Create some data in your excel sheet as below

Excel Grade Formulas

First you need decide what Range come under a,b,c grade than create formulas example we decide who get above 80% is the under A+ and who get above between 60% and 80% is the under A

Example who is Above 80% is the grade A+

use formulas as =If(F2>=80%,"A+","") 

or =If(F2>80%,"A+","B")

And Get Result 

Excel Grade Formulas

Example who is 60% above and 80% below is The A

use formulas as 

Excel Grade Formulas

Example who is 50% above and 60% below is The B

formula use as =If(F2>=80%,"A+",If(F2>=60%,"A",If(F2>50%,"B","")))

Excel Grade Formulas

Last Example of C Now who is under below 50% That is All C Grade

formula use as =If(F2>=80%,"A+",If(F2>=60%,"A",If(F2>50%,"B",If(f2<=50%,"C","')))

Excel Grade Formulas

Microsoft Excel Grade Formulas create your own sheet and start prctice