Microsoft Excel Percentage

Microsoft Excel Part Two

in previous excel page we learn how?? calculate sum, min, max and average; now we will learn about percentage, grade, division and about other...

1. Excel Percentage calculation

2. Excel grade Formula

3. Excel Division 

4. Excel Fail-Pass Formula

1. Excel Percentage calculation : Percentage is the number of achieve from total it is denoted by symbol %; Example if we get 400 numbers from 600 that is ok i know total ;but i want to convert and know what is my percentage on 100??

Create Data in your excel sheet as below 

Microsoft Excel

understand you have three subject each of 100 Marks and you get 216 number of total so your formulas is 

= 216/300*100  but it is not well Because if you change value;Percentage not change automatic so use always formula in excel and when you change value it is automatic change percentage of student...

(Your Total Cell As E2) =E2/300*100 (300 Value of All subject) and  multiple with 100...
Now your formula  =(E2/300*100) 
And  Result 

If your excel sheet show four digit number of percentage than you can Add Divide and you can get percentage in two digit in excel sheet

Excel Formula

Make a little change  in your formulas and convert four digit percentage in two digit....See Example

=(E2/300*100)/100  And Get Result

Excel formula

Microsoft Excel Percentage Calculations