Microsoft Word Header footer

Microsoft Word Header And Footer

use header and footer in Microsoft word for hold some information in top and bottom as link author name, title or number of pages 
if you apply header and footer in one page then it repeat automatically every pages....

Microsoft word Header

it is very easy to apply header and  footer in document see and example of footer and header 

Go To insert tube and click on header; see different-different type header option select an one see example below...

Microsoft word Footer

Same as we apply header in word file; we will be apply footer for bottom, footer is also apply for write title, author name, show number of pages

see an example of footer in below image 

Odd And Even pages 

Select odd and even pages for different-different type header and footer for pages

See Example of odd pages; Odd Header and Footer is same and Even header and footer is same 

Now we can set Even header with different name see example of below image  

Even Header And Footer is Always same