Microsoft word hyperlink bookmark

Microsoft Hyperlink and Bookmark 

Use Hyperlink and Bookmark in Microsoft word; Hyperlink Uses for connect any web source or another document in current document and Bookmark is uses for jump  specific target in document..

Hyperlink in Microsoft : Learn to use hyperlink link see below example and try it yourself 

we write an document example below and want connect any web source in this document 

See Example Below 

Go to insert tub and click on hyperlink; then you can see another popup window 

put your url in this box and ok your link is connected in document 
as if you want connect any document file select document and ok 

Open Hyper Link: Press and hold CTRL key and mouse above link text 

Remove, Edit, open and copy to hyperlink: Right Click Above your hyperlink and see multi option as below you see in image 

Bookmark: Use Bookmark in your Microsoft word; it is help to your Bookmark specific Target; Example if you add link on 10th page and if you want see this quickly any time so you can Bookmark them 

click on bookmark give any name without space and add now if you want see your bookmark text/link Go To bookmark and click on name what you give and direct jump to your text/link