Microsoft word insert tube

Microsoft word part 2 Learn About insert tub function

Learn About insert tub in Microsoft word; insert means add something Extra things in your pages as you want add tables, header,border etc.. 

Microsoft word

Microsoft word Page Break And blank Page

Page break uses when you want end current document and move to next page and Blank page uses when you want add new page in between current page anywhere...

An example of page break And blank page (see below image)

Microsoft word

Microsoft word create table
Create,draw and insert  table for if you want add in your word file for present some data 
see example below how can you use table in  Microsoft  word

An example of create table,insert table and draw table

Microsoft word

Microsoft word insert table example

insert table in Microsoft word there is little different you can see between create table and insert table when you create table you can select only 10 column and 8 row but when you insert table you can insert unlimited column and row by your choice

Microsoft word

Microsoft word draw table example

Draw table according to your choice and make column and row; how you want create see and example of draw table.

Microsoft word

Microsoft word Table style

Create, draw or insert Table give an style to them make different different style table in Microsoft word.

Feel color shading, give style to border, give color to separate line 

Microsoft word