Microsoft Word Part one

Microsoft office word Part 1

Microsoft word Home Tab function and Their uses

In this page we will be learn start from home tab what function is include in home tab and why and when use them....

Microsoft Word

 1.copy, cut, Paste,undo And Select Document

CTRL + A : For select all Data 

CTRL + X : Delete Selected Data

CTRL + C : copy Selected Data

CTRL + V : Paste Copy Data

CTRL + U: undo data

Change the font Size and pick the new font; click in font box and change them or press Ctrl+shift+P or Ctrl+shift+F an small popup window open which you can change 

Microsoft Word
2.Text Highlight And other in Microsoft World 
Bold-- click  on B icon or press Ctrl+b 
italic-- click on i icon or press Ctrl+I
Underline-- click on u icon or press Ctrl+U
Strick-- click on abc icon no have shortcut key
Sub And Superscript--click x icon 
See Some Other Example in Image And try it your self

Microsoft word

3.Change Align of Text or move to Text
Margin Your Text just little bit And Left And right Click Below image icon And Try your self Move Your text left right ----

Margin and move Different if You margin Text This Means You little move Text but if you want change align then click left right icon.

Microsoft word

 Number or bullet in text
you Can Use Bullet Numbering and Multilevel Text format in Microsoft Word 

it is bullet click the icon and choose different Type Format For Text

Microsoft word
it is Numbering click the icon and choose different Type Format For Text

Microsoft word

it is Multilevel list click the icon and choose different Type multilevel  Format For Text

Microsoft word

5.Headings in Microsoft Word 
Write Your Script As Normal Text or Add Heading Text 
Heading 1 To Heading 6 You Can Apply In Microsoft Word 
Select Your Text And Apply Heading for Them...
See below Example and Try Your self This

Microsoft word

6.Border And Border color
Create Border for Script and Feel color; you can create Different Type Border line as single double And whole border for your script and feel them with color...

click Border icon As below image And Select 

Microsoft word

click Color box icon As below image And Select Feel Color in Border

Microsoft word

7.Find text and Replace Text
in Microsoft word You can find and Replace text in one time 
Press Ctrl+F And find Your Text

Microsoft word

Press Ctrl+H And Replace Find Text

Microsoft word

Microsoft Office Word Home Tab Tutorial...