Microsoft word part three

SmartArt And Chart 

SmartArt and chart is the function of Microsoft word; and uses when you want write category or want to show  level of something next part so instead of bullet or number you can use smartArt

chart is different from smartArt; chart is uses when you want describe some data as population of India from 2014 to 2018....

See example of  smartArt

you can select category of smartArt as all, list, process, cycle and other and create smartArt box according to your choice

Type of smartArt

1.List : show when you have list of data

2.Process : use when you want to how something work by one to one

3.Cycle  : Tell about something what is working in Revers 

 4.Hierarchy: This chart uses when you have category and sub category

5.Relationship : this uses when you want show relation between each other of two or more things..